Counter Chamber: Our New Night

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new night for post-classical and electronic music, Counter Chamber. I’ve teamed up with composer Jay Chakravorty to present this regular series of live music events in the heart of Hoxton, East London. We are launching Counter Chamber in order to create a new kind of concert series for this type of music to be experienced – one outside of the cold, conventional, classical recital hall. Counter Chamber will be a regular night that reflects the full range and diversity of modern instrumental music and redefines it for the contemporary world in an informal, intimate, and inclusive setting. Expect strings, pianos, woodwind, ambience, electronics, minimalism, and above all, melody.

Counter Chamber Privacy Policy

At Counter Chamber we take the protection of your data very seriously.

Ticket data

We use DICE as our ticket provider, you can find their privacy policy here
When you purchase a ticket to one of our events we have access to the following data in the DICE system
– Forename
– Surname
– Date of purchase
– Number of tickets
We use this infomation on the event day to check names on the door. Once the night is over we ensure the printed copy of the list is destroyed and any local downloads of the data is deleted. We will never disclose this data outside of our team, and only for the sole purpose it is meant for – proof of purchase for access to our events.

Facebook & Instagram Adverts

As part of our marketing we use Facebook and Instagram adverts to advertise our events. Within this technology we track conversions from these adverts into the DICE system, so that we can see which ads are performing better than others. We then use this information to tailor our adverts to maximise their effectiveness and reduce our overall costs. Whilst this data is anonymised it might be possible for our team to observe an ad conversion coinciding with a particular ticket sale, but we will only ever use this data in summary form so that we can anaylise the data. These systems are vital to us in what we do and the sucess / survival of our enterprise. Please contact us if you would like to know more or have instructions for us on your use of data, including information or deletion requests.

Mailing List

We will use an email mailing list that customers can sign up to on a website or at the events themselves. These emails will never be passed on to a third party, and will always have the option to opt out. The primary focus of these emails is the counter chamber events, though we may also share related news from our co-founders, artists, record labels or other music industry organisations. Please let us know if you have any queries or suggestions.

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