Counter Chamber: Our New Night

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new night for post-classical and electronic music, Counter Chamber. I’ve teamed up with composer Jay Chakravorty to present this regular series of live music events in the heart of Hoxton, East London. We are launching Counter Chamber in order to create a new kind of concert series for this type of music to be experienced – one outside of the cold, conventional, classical recital hall. Counter Chamber will be a regular night that reflects the full range and diversity of modern instrumental music and redefines it for the contemporary world in an informal, intimate, and inclusive setting. Expect strings, pianos, woodwind, ambience, electronics, minimalism, and above all, melody.

Join us for our launch party as we explore what modern chamber music can be. Our debut night features “Indo-baroque meets alt-folk minimalism” with string duo Balladeste, beautiful solo clarinet works performed by Heather Roche, and unique sonic landscapes via me and my sax and electronics set.

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